Trust claims $202 million jackpot prize

The previous week saw a lucky lotto player net the Powerball jackpot of $144.000.000 and this one another one from Ohio won $202.000.000 playing Mega Millions. The Lucky Duck Passive Trust from Columbus claimed the prize on behalf of the lucky individual, who decided to remain anonymous by not collecting the check in person.

On November 13th, one player from Columbus managed to guess the main lottery numbers 17, 18, 31, 35, 59 and the Mega Ball 9, netting $202.000.000 in the process. The winner claimed the jackpot as a lump sum payment, which amounted to just about $87.000.000 after taxes.

The winning golden Quick Pick lotto ticket was purchased at the Blendon Drive Thru in Columbus. Just a few days after the drawing, the store owner received a $100.000 retailer bonus for having sold it. The 54-year-old is planning to use the bonus to expand his business.megamillions

“We’ve been planning to install some new coolers to be placed inside and maybe paving the parking lot. When you have a business like this, you always have to spend money on it… to keep the customers happy and coming back,” explained Mr. Daas.

This lotto ticket that was sold in his store made one Columbus resident the winner of the third largest Mega Millions jackpot of 2015. The top spot is still held by Jesus Davila Jr. from Naperville who scooped $265.000.000 on January 16th, becoming the first Mega millionaire of the year. He’s followed by John Williams and Neal Logue, two friends who shared between themselves the whopping sum of $262.000.000 after matching all the winning numbers on June 2nd of the same year. With little more time to go until the end of the year and the new lotto jackpot nearing $66.000.000 there might be another lucky winner around the corner.

Improving your odds of winning the lottery

Winning the lottery is something everyone wants, although most people never stop to think there is anything more than luck involved with it. While this is somewhat true, analysing lottery results proves there are certain algorithms and patterns behind the selected numbers that, when studied, can significantly improve the odds of winning. Buying more tickets seems like the most logical solution to increasing your chances and it has proven to be an effective one, but there are other strategies as well.
For the National Lottery in the UK you might want to choose numbers indicated as less popular (they have smaller columns in the graphic) as this minimises the chance of another player picking the same ones. For example, the moment the official lottery results are announced and they are, let’s say, 11, 24, 27, 38, 43 and 48 – the effectiveness of this combination is now reduced as a lot of people will pick at least one of them in the next drawing!

lotto ballsFor the Bonoloto in Spain you can try and analyse the patterns of the drawn numbers to play the probabilities. This means that if you choose a pattern that occurs 10% of the time, you should expect it to lose 90% of the time. Another important trick to employ is to remember to always try to evenly include odd and even numbers. Lottery numbers are rarely (if ever) drawn from all odd or even numbers.

For the Powerball in USA there are several things you can consider. To begin with, it’s important to keep in mind most people win through quick picks. Looking up old winning lottery results can mark a group of numbers that is not usually represented. This will help guide you in leaving out the less popular lottery numbers and including the ones that have potential.

In lottery, as with everything else, the key is balance. Always try to play logical combinations of lottery numbers and try to include a variety of combinations for the best possible odds.

Spanish Christmas Lottery – getting the festive spirit

The Spanish Christmas Lottery has seen its popularity rise over the years and it’s no surprise given that the sum you can win on December 22nd is € This being said, buying a ticket and anxiously awaiting the drawing has become somewhat of a festive tradition in the European country.

Millions of people will watch the event being broadcasted on live television with the pivotal moment being the drawing of the El Gordo de la Navidad – this is the ball that determines the winner of the lotto’s first prize. The format of the Christmas lottery is slightly different than the one of the rest as it doesn’t have a single jackpot, but a sum distributed amongst thousands of lucky contestants.


Every ticket has 160 identical copies due to the large number of participants even if this lowers the lottery’s end winning sum to about €4.000.000. The odds of being one of the lucky ones are 1:100.000, which are actually better than those of most popular lotteries like Euromillions, Bonoloto or Mega Millions. The rest of the prizes are smaller, but still big enough to motivate thousands of people to want to try out their luck. Second prize is €1.250.000, third is €500.000 and fourth is €200.000. However, each of these lotto prizes is divided amongst the 160 identical ticket holders.

Most TV ads in Spain actively encourage people to enter the lotto as well as share the whole experience with family and friends. For generations, this has become an inseparable part of Christmas festivities in the country. All restaurants and bars broadcast the drawing of the lottery results live on December 22nd and the rest of the world joins in on the excitement that the Spanish share over that time. Participants can purchase tickets online and they have to pick five numbers between 1 and 54 (inclusive) as well as one additional number (key number) between 0 and 9 (inclusive).