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Spanish Christmas Lottery – getting the festive spirit

The Spanish Christmas Lottery has seen its popularity rise over the years and it’s no surprise given that the sum you can win on December 22nd is € This being said, buying a ticket and anxiously awaiting the drawing has become somewhat of a festive tradition in the European country.

Millions of people will watch the event being broadcasted on live television with the pivotal moment being the drawing of the El Gordo de la Navidad – this is the ball that determines the winner of the lotto’s first prize. The format of the Christmas lottery is slightly different than the one of the rest as it doesn’t have a single jackpot, but a sum distributed amongst thousands of lucky contestants.


Every ticket has 160 identical copies due to the large number of participants even if this lowers the lottery’s end winning sum to about €4.000.000. The odds of being one of the lucky ones are 1:100.000, which are actually better than those of most popular lotteries like Euromillions, Bonoloto or Mega Millions. The rest of the prizes are smaller, but still big enough to motivate thousands of people to want to try out their luck. Second prize is €1.250.000, third is €500.000 and fourth is €200.000. However, each of these lotto prizes is divided amongst the 160 identical ticket holders.

Most TV ads in Spain actively encourage people to enter the lotto as well as share the whole experience with family and friends. For generations, this has become an inseparable part of Christmas festivities in the country. All restaurants and bars broadcast the drawing of the lottery results live on December 22nd and the rest of the world joins in on the excitement that the Spanish share over that time. Participants can purchase tickets online and they have to pick five numbers between 1 and 54 (inclusive) as well as one additional number (key number) between 0 and 9 (inclusive).