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Trust claims $202 million jackpot prize

The previous week saw a lucky lotto player net the Powerball jackpot of $144.000.000 and this one another one from Ohio won $202.000.000 playing Mega Millions. The Lucky Duck Passive Trust from Columbus claimed the prize on behalf of the lucky individual, who decided to remain anonymous by not collecting the check in person.

On November 13th, one player from Columbus managed to guess the main lottery numbers 17, 18, 31, 35, 59 and the Mega Ball 9, netting $202.000.000 in the process. The winner claimed the jackpot as a lump sum payment, which amounted to just about $87.000.000 after taxes.

The winning golden Quick Pick lotto ticket was purchased at the Blendon Drive Thru in Columbus. Just a few days after the drawing, the store owner received a $100.000 retailer bonus for having sold it. The 54-year-old is planning to use the bonus to expand his business.megamillions

“We’ve been planning to install some new coolers to be placed inside and maybe paving the parking lot. When you have a business like this, you always have to spend money on it… to keep the customers happy and coming back,” explained Mr. Daas.

This lotto ticket that was sold in his store made one Columbus resident the winner of the third largest Mega Millions jackpot of 2015. The top spot is still held by Jesus Davila Jr. from Naperville who scooped $265.000.000 on January 16th, becoming the first Mega millionaire of the year. He’s followed by John Williams and Neal Logue, two friends who shared between themselves the whopping sum of $262.000.000 after matching all the winning numbers on June 2nd of the same year. With little more time to go until the end of the year and the new lotto jackpot nearing $66.000.000 there might be another lucky winner around the corner.